Senin, 31 Desember 2012

Late Night

Actually, last night I went to my aunt's house without my biggest & youngest sissy (the biggest one had a boyfriend now & the youngest one didn't have, of course not. She's only 2,5 years old-_-). To attend their BBQ party! Well, I ate a looooooooot of meat, chicken, beef and also LAMB! Hello fatty world ( I still don't get it, my weight is 50 kg but I'm still skinny... weirdo. You'll confused where's my fat hiding. Auntie Nauli, Om Imam, Mom, Dad and I having a same table. So we were talking sooo many things until 2.30 AM. Sometimes I don't get it because they were talking about their friends that i didn't know. Until they were talking about Nyoman Nuarta. Nyoman Nuarta is an artist, he lived in Bandung. When I lived there, I often to passed through his gallery and alson his art.

"Iya yang di GWK itu kan dia yang buat"

"Gila dikirim dari Bandung keren banget nggak rusak"

Me : "Is he still alive?"

"Yes of courseee"

Me : "I was thinking of his face.... Kayaknya mirip orang bali deh entah kenapa"


And we laughed. But I still confused, just because his name is Nyoman doesn't mean his balinese right???? Like, if you're name is Muhammad, doesn't mean your Arabian right? HAHA LOL-_-

New Year's Resolution

31st December 2012.. Many people spending their christmas & new year holiday by going somewhere, to London, New York, Europe, Singapore yea whatever. And i'm just sitting in front of my computer and writing this.. I had no plans at all. Well, rather than I complain about this year holiday, I'll made my new year's resolution. New year's resolution is a commitment that person makes to personal goals, project, or reforming of a habit and start a new beginning. 


Spend more time for families 

Keep in touch with friends 

Positive thinking 

Avoid smokers (i can't stand the smoke, ergh) 

Eat more veggies & fruits 

Drinks more water 

Exercise (some muscle will be cool) 

Make a good relationship with dad 

Reading more books 

Talk a little less and listen a little more 

More smiles 

No fastfood & instant food (especially: NOODLES!!) 

No soda 

Increase savings for summer trip! 

Join humanity organization 

Closer to God

Bismillah... New year, new me! (I'm going to cut my hair too! to support my words lol) Happy 2013 peops! May the year ahead will be full of blessing : )

Jumat, 21 Desember 2012

OMG!! inget resensi buku yang pernah gue tulis nggak? "9 Summers 10 Autumns" 
Penulisnya dateng ke Labschool :"""D seneng 10000x. Seperti biasa kalo udah kaya gini pasti jadi freak sendiri sama habibah HAHA, awalnya pas baca bukunya ya bagus tapi cuma kaya "iya keren, salut" tapi kalo udah denger kak Iwan yang cerita.................. NGEFANS!!!! toooooo bad pas sesi pertanyaan gue sama habibah udah sangat bersemangat mengacungkan jari dengan semangat 45 dan akhirnya........................................................................................ gakepilih. OK, karena kita smart jadinya kirim email deeh ke kak Iwan dan emailnya ituu..................................................... blm dibales

Kamis, 20 Desember 2012

Lemme introduce my future hubby :)

1.Francisco Lachowski

2. Adam Noah Levine

3. Tom Felton

4. Reza Rahadian

5. Ryan Gosling

6. Dimas Anggara

7. Joseph Gordon Levitt

8. Andrew Garfield

9. Justin Bieber

10. Harry Styles