Senin, 31 Desember 2012

New Year's Resolution

31st December 2012.. Many people spending their christmas & new year holiday by going somewhere, to London, New York, Europe, Singapore yea whatever. And i'm just sitting in front of my computer and writing this.. I had no plans at all. Well, rather than I complain about this year holiday, I'll made my new year's resolution. New year's resolution is a commitment that person makes to personal goals, project, or reforming of a habit and start a new beginning. 


Spend more time for families 

Keep in touch with friends 

Positive thinking 

Avoid smokers (i can't stand the smoke, ergh) 

Eat more veggies & fruits 

Drinks more water 

Exercise (some muscle will be cool) 

Make a good relationship with dad 

Reading more books 

Talk a little less and listen a little more 

More smiles 

No fastfood & instant food (especially: NOODLES!!) 

No soda 

Increase savings for summer trip! 

Join humanity organization 

Closer to God

Bismillah... New year, new me! (I'm going to cut my hair too! to support my words lol) Happy 2013 peops! May the year ahead will be full of blessing : )

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