Senin, 31 Desember 2012

Late Night

Actually, last night I went to my aunt's house without my biggest & youngest sissy (the biggest one had a boyfriend now & the youngest one didn't have, of course not. She's only 2,5 years old-_-). To attend their BBQ party! Well, I ate a looooooooot of meat, chicken, beef and also LAMB! Hello fatty world ( I still don't get it, my weight is 50 kg but I'm still skinny... weirdo. You'll confused where's my fat hiding. Auntie Nauli, Om Imam, Mom, Dad and I having a same table. So we were talking sooo many things until 2.30 AM. Sometimes I don't get it because they were talking about their friends that i didn't know. Until they were talking about Nyoman Nuarta. Nyoman Nuarta is an artist, he lived in Bandung. When I lived there, I often to passed through his gallery and alson his art.

"Iya yang di GWK itu kan dia yang buat"

"Gila dikirim dari Bandung keren banget nggak rusak"

Me : "Is he still alive?"

"Yes of courseee"

Me : "I was thinking of his face.... Kayaknya mirip orang bali deh entah kenapa"


And we laughed. But I still confused, just because his name is Nyoman doesn't mean his balinese right???? Like, if you're name is Muhammad, doesn't mean your Arabian right? HAHA LOL-_-

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